Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The parable of Good samaritan is not the matter of who is my neighbour; It is the matter of whose neighbour I am. Jesus said to the Lawyer “Which of these three do you think was a neighbour to the man who fell into the hands of robbers” the Lawyer replied “The one who had mercy on Him”. ‘Go and do likewise’ Jesus said. ‘Go and be a neighbour to everyone who needs your service’ but don’t pretend. Be honest.


hmingtea said...

Good neighbour neih hi chu kan duh deuh vek in ka ring .Mahse good neighbour nih erawhkan tum vek loh hmel.
Go an do tih hi chu a awl hmel rualin do lai tak hi chu a har hmel deuh.

hmingtea said...

Col Zl email min hrilh teh .I ni Romoiin a soi fo che nimin khan chaw kan eiho.

com in retd hun chuan i ngaihawm awm ka va ti ve le.

Zairemthiama Pachuau said...

Dear Commissioner, this verbatim of yours was included in the June 21, 2008 issue of American War Cry's "Quotes of the past and present". I came across it by accident and ever since my attitude and perception about 'neighbourhood' changed.

How easy it is to count ourselves as acquaintances of people whom we admire, the rich and famous elite, and how hard we may try to have them accept us! But equally difficult is even to simply consider ourselves as neighbour to the poor, infamous and the down-and-outs of society. Still more unlikely is this latter category of fellow beings accepting ‘us’ as their neighbours!

Today, where image seems to be all-important, we note that Jesus cared nothing for his image. He made himself ‘nothing’. He came into our world, into our mess, into our shoes and ultimately into our place. He embraced the cross. He made total identification with us sinners. (Philippians 2: 5-7).
Jesus identifies himself with me, so shall I with the suffering world.

Nice post. Thanks Commissioner.

Kiamlova said...

Hmingte: ~Retire hun chuan ka rawn lut zing sawt ang, lo lungngai suh..

Thiama: I tilawmawm thin e, a article aiin i comment hi a ropui mah in ka hria - I do thank you sincerely.

Anonymous said...

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